Oh hello, nice to meet you! My name is Mikaelee, and I'm the face behind Flourish! A lover of all things beautiful, I have a special spot in my heart for weddings! My biggest passion is creating beautiful details that add to the story that your wedding communicates. 

Having studied Fine Art and History in university, my love of beauty, quality, and design made calligraphy a natural fit. I began to learn calligraphy at a very young age when I came across an old set of  calligraphy pens in my mother's desk. Over time, I taught myself the art of lettering, and my style has evolved to a contemporary organic approach as I've grown into it over the last 15 years. 

Nature has always been a part of my life- from being outside exploring, reading books from up in a tree, 


travelling across Europe, and working on a tree farm and at a local flower shop. Much to my husband's chagrin, there always seems to be flowers in our home and I love to include wild and natural elements in all of my work. 


​Having lived in Europe, my aesthetic is inspired by classic European forms, nature, and organic colour palettes. I have an eye for quality and beauty, and seek to use the finest products to create carefully curated art. I work with each client to create an authentic experience that reflects their personal story and heart. ​



Flourish is a contemporary calligraphy, wedding flowers, and wedding planning business in London, Ontario, Canada. We provide in-person services throughout southwestern Ontario, including the greater Toronto region. We specialize in Fine Art Weddings and events.  Our team is all about personalizing your wedding and making things beautiful. This is more than just simple service, it's about consideration of every visual component of your wedding. All the elements and principles of design are considered in order to create a beautiful fine art wedding. 

Wedding calligraphy services are available to be sent to any destination, and personal consultation is also available. 

In the fleeting moments of a wedding day, and in life in general,  our focus is on the gentle and the sincere. Whether in an environment of hundreds of people or with just your closest loved ones, we long to create an atmosphere that tells an intimate, genuine story.

We are available for creative and artistic direction, contemporary calligraphy services, floral design and day-of event co-ordination. If you live outside of London, we are happy to set up a video chat date so that we can connect (because everything is better in person)! We look forward to meeting with you and would be delighted to help create your perfect event!




If Mikaelee is the heart behind the business, then Tiffany is the brain! She is creative, adaptable, wise, and assertive. If there's a problem to be solved, then she has a solution. She is easily one of the most friendly, understanding, and strong individuals you will meet and she brings joy, charisma and fun wherever she goes! You will likely connect with Tiffany at our initial meeting and then from time to time hear from her through email; but she deserves equal credit for the work she accomplishes - even if it is often behind the scenes! She's practical, adventurous and savvy, and therefore helps to take our dreams and make them concrete. Tiffany is a qualified social support worker, and is on her way to reaching a degree in social work. She has a ton of experience in customer service, social media marketing, online learning, and project management. Tiffany works alongside to help create our thoughtful client experience, manage the business side of things, and helps with marketing and event implementation. 



Flourish has been featured and/or listed as a preferred vendor on Magnolia Rouge, Once Wed, Joy Wed, Amber and Muse Hochzeitsguide, Trendy Brides Magazine, Loversland, Aisle Planner, and more!

T E S T I M O N I A L S 

"I purchased wedding invitations from Flourish Artistic Design and could not have been happier. So much thought and care was put in to creating an invite that set the tone for my dream wedding. I had originally come to Flourish with an idea in mind, and after discussing my wedding and my vision, Mikaelee created something for me that was 1000 times better than I had imagined. If I could go back, I would order these again every single time. My only regret is not being able to order all of my printed material from them".

Emily L.

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